Car Services

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A & A Motors Ltd offer full and interim car servicing for all brands and models of car. Whether you suspect a problem or just want to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, we pride ourselves on our honest, high quality workmanship. You can leave your car with us knowing that we will get it into peak condition using only genuine parts and without breaking the bank.


Cars are made up of many complex parts so it is to be expected that bits will need replacing from time to time. From replacing small, everyday items like brake pads or wing mirrors to fixing larger elements, like exhaust pipes, we can sort it all for you. Our honest, reliable workmanship and focus on quality parts means you can rest assured that you car repair is in good hands.

Air Conditioning Repair

It is estimated that each year, you will lose about 10% of your air conditioning gas, which makes your system function at a lower level.  It is recommended that you check, and if necessary, recharge your gas every 2 years. At A & A Motors, we cannot only fit your car with a new air conditioning system, but we can also carry out a regas quickly and efficiently.

Clutch Repairs

Are you having problems changing gears, hearing unusual noises or just think something doesn’t feel right? We can conduct a comprehensive clutch inspection to put your mind at ease. If we find any issues, we can repair them for you quickly and to the highest standard using only genuine parts. Whatever the problem, we will have you back on the road in no time.